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This is one of Boston Harbor Saltwater Fishing's best species. There is nothing more exciting than hooking up to one of the most powerful fish in New England. That would be the Blue Fin Tuna!!! They are one of the most powerful, majestic and beautiful fish in the ocean today. Their size varies from 25 lbs to well over 1000 lbs and you never know what size your going to catch. If you want to go out and tangle with one of these bad dogs of the neighborhood, come aboard the Alternative.


Last year was one of the best seasons in Massachussets for Bluefin Tuna we have had in many years with most of the tuna footballs or schoolies as they are called, averaged between 60 lb & 200 lbs. Now thats alot of sushi!!! We go Deep Sea fishing on Stellwagon Bank, Tillies Bank, as well as Cape Cod Bay for these speed demons and they are a total rush to catch.

nice tuna 

We are now offering Blue Fin Tuna Charters thru out the season so if you are willing to come out and play, we will do our best to get one of these awesome fish in the boat for your dining pleasure or just bragging rights to bust on your fishing buddies with!!! Either way it is an experience that you will never forget.

One of the other things that are so great about doing these offshore fishing trips is what you can see on any given day out on the open ocean. We see Humpback and Finback Whales on almost every trip, Basking sharks, dolphins, Blue Sharks, Huge bait balls, Ocean Sunfish and some days a lot of Tuna.

For those of you who have never gone, Tuna trips are more like hunting in a lot of ways versus fishing. You need to get the most accurate information on where they were the day before. Get to the location and start trolling, when you start to locate these fish, that’s when the adrenaline starts pumping. We will use whatever method we can to get a fish on the line. Whether it be trolling daisy chains, spreader bars or deep diving lures, live bait fish, casting or jigging metals, or throwing light tackle top water lures. We have the gear we need to make it happen.

Great Fish 

Tuna Trips are on the expensive side to most people but please keep in mind, that you burn a ton of fuel. The gear we use is very expensive as we use top of the line quality rods and reels, line, tackle and bait if we need it, which is all provided and included in the price.

We also offer Shared Trips for Tuna as well. If you want us to try and put a group of fishermen and fisherwomen together we will try our best to facilitate the trip so everybody can join in the fun.

The other thing we do different than some other Charter Boats is that you get to KEEP the fish. Usually the fish is divided by the group when we fillet the fish for you at the end of the trip. Some other Charters take you out fishing, you pay for the trip and catch the fish, but the boat keeps the fish to sell.

So if you are interested in a fun filled day offshore this year for some of these speed demons, give us a call to get you schedule for the best dates. We can accommodate up to 6 people, but 4 people is much more comfortable. We also have a full size head on board for your comfort. We abide by all federal regulations and permits for this fishery. See our pricing page for more information.

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