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Testimonials from our Clients 

                                         2012 Testimonials


 Hi Guy's,

Just wanted to thank you for a great day today
,I had a blast and learned quite a bit ,thank so much for sharing the information.

Had a couple of questions.

1.What size were the treble hooks you used on the Macks,,I think they werenVMC4x,not too sure what size.
2. What was the name of the guy at the Monahan's tackle shop, think Id like to pick up a sabiki setup.

Can you send me a copy of the pictures you took please, my kids are dying to see them

Thanks again for a great day!


                                            2010 Testimonials
 November 15, 2010
 Billy & Jules;
   I go on line and check your photo album once in awhile when I have time. I don’t know if you remember the guy from Iowa that caught the biggest fish of his life. I can remember it as if it was yesterday, what a great time it was. I’m guessing you’re about  done for the season and by looking at the album it looks like you had a good season. I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoyed that trip. It’s not just the fishing but the people that you meet that make it a memory I’ll never forget. And if I ever get the chance to come to Boston again I will definitely plan one day of fishing with you two.
   Jules I know you do some deer hunting back home and how much you enjoy it so I’ve attached a couple of pictures from bow hunting that I did last week. He’s not the biggest buck I’ve ever shot but the season is getting close to the end, so I decided it was time to cash in if I could. Luck came my way last Thursday morning around 9:00 am. When  I rattled in this guy.
Well you two take care and thanks again for a memorable day that I’ll never forget.
Dale Kartman

August 18, 2010

Dear Jules -
We just returned to New Mexico after our trip to Boston and wanted to send a quick Thank You for such a great fishing trip on Friday, July 30th.  This was part of my 12-year old son’s birthday week celebration and we couldn’t have asked for a better day – fishing, or weather, or a more knowledgeable boat Captain.  Out here in New Mexico we are used to fly fishing, so what a treat to get out on the ocean, on a beautiful, calm, sunny day and get into some hefty Stripers and Bluefish ! We haven’t stopped telling fish stories – which are backed up by some great Kodak moments on the boat.  We were a little worried at the beginning of the trip when the mackerel were being picky, but once we got that livewell stocked the party was on!  You and Van were great, very patient and very informative, and I already recommended you to my brother who lives in the Boston area and enjoys fishing.  My only regret is that we didn’t get into those tuna we saw busting the surface, or seeing what it was that ate half of those Sluggo’s we had on the downriggers; but you had an uncanny knack of knowing where to find those blues and what to throw at them.  We had fish and chips for lunch that day when we got back after Van cleaned one of the stripers, and we gave a half dozen meals worth of striped bass to my family.

Thanks again for a great outing, catching a four pound trout on a fly line is exciting, but not nearly as exhilarating as hauling in a 26 pound striper !!    We’ll see you again next summer for our trip back east.
David Kohler
July 28 2010
 Jules –
Just wanted to first off thank you again for yours and Bills crash course; we had a blast and got a good base of what the hell to do out there. Apparently we must have at least picked up something; attached you will see our first catch.
Got it last night about 7:15 off of Nut Island in Quincy on a pencil popper, just shy of 26”
Thanks again and hope all is well.
Bill “The Knot” Golden
  July 6th 2010-
Jules and Bill,

OMG!  Where do we start.  We had such an AWESOME time fishing with you this past holiday weekend!  Three perfect days of fishing!  People would not believe us if not for the pictures.  Your patience and time teaching Timmy and Becca truly has them "hooked" onto fishing.  You showed us so much; and we had the opportunity to use that knowledge to reel them in.  It was unbelievable how many keeper bass we hooked up. And then to throw back 30--35 pounders.......our friends are very jealous!  Jul, you really are a fish magnate.

I can not begin to tell you how much fun we had.  We caught so many fish that we couldn't remember who caught what and on which day.  CRAZY!!!!

We will be seeing you in September.  We have a bunch of people asking for brochures after seeing our pictures.


                                             BREAKFAST AND SNACKS.............$40

                                             CHARTER PLUS TIP........................$600

                                             40 LB STRIPED BASS IN THE BOX..........PRICELESS!!!!!!!

Fish On!

The Adanti Family



     2009 Client Testimonials!!!                                    

Hi jules and bill,
  Thanks for the SUPER pictures. I had a great time with some great 
people. It's been quite a while since I've been on a small charter (20
+yrs) and it was terrific!  You and Bill really made it a pleasurable 
trip and quite easy, just listen and do everything you say  when 
there's a fish on and VOILA, fish in the box.  Thanks again, and 
hopefully I'll see you at an upcoming  MSBA meeting or maybe sooner 
if I can round up some people to go out fishing with you. There going 
to be so jealous when they see these pictures and will want to catch 
there own fish.
See Ya,
Carl D.
Jules & Bill
Thanks for a great day.  I called a friend on the way home and dropped off some bass for he and his father.  It looks beautiful.  I just fired up the grill and will be putting one of the filets on in a couple of minutes.   We have some rice and fresh green beans from the garden plus the fresh striper with butter, lemon and cracked black pepper --- WOW!!!
I learned so much today.  You guys are the best.  Patient, knowledgeable, professionals.  I really enjoyed the trip and look forward to doing it again. Thanks again.
Jules -  I had a GREAT time on Wednesday.  That was the biggest fish I have ever caught.  We will have to do it again.  But we'll let Andy & Fred catch the big ones then.   I would really appreciate it if you would e-mail me copies of the photos you took.  The ones you took on my old camera came out pretty good, your new camera should be great. Again  THANKS FOR A GREAT TIME
 Hi Jules and Bill, nice to see you Sunday morning.  It was my first time out to test my retention of your lessons from the 25th, and the results were fantastic.  Never filled the live well that fast as well as, replenishing the bait so quickly as we fished.  The morning hours produced three keepers, 31", 34", and 39" along with about a dozen throw backs. 
Bob McCormack

I can not tell you how much fun I had when I went out with you and Bill. It was the time of my life. I'm looking to see if I can make it back out there in September. I have no planes yet. I'm looking forward to getting the pictures. I have a very long list of people to E Mail. If you would send me your Mailing address and I will be very happy to mail your cooler back to you. You never know you might need it very soon. I fell it is the very least that I can do for every thing that you had done for me.

Remember as your Friend

 5/15/2009 Hi Bill and Jules! I just wanted to thank you again for the great talk you gave last night. I’ve been fishing a long time but I learned A LOT of stuff I did not know and will try this season. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I want to run right out this morning and go fishing! By the way, you said the best wind in the evening at Popponesset was SW.............................did you mean blowing out of the SE towards the SW?  As I recall the beach at Popponesset face southeast. Also, what are you favorite teaser colors?  I bought some rigs fro you at a Mass Bass show and never really used them much.......but after your talk last night I have a much better idea of how to fish them and will definitely do so this year.Thanks again for all the tips!!!! Stephen T. Kirk
                                           2008 Testimonials 
Jules,                                                                                      05/23/08

Thanks so much for the knowledge you shared last Friday in Gloucester. I think you could see we are fisherman ( I use that word carefully) who want to become better fisherman not people that just want to catch big fish for one day so not catching the big fish was no big deal. I have bragged about you and your fishing ability to several people this past weekend at the marina so I would expect 1 or 2 charters to come out of this….

I made up some live line rigs Friday after you left before my brain melted and I forgot and also picked up a couple flies and did the same before I lost the recipe for that too.Again thanks for sharing your tricks and I hope to use them to catch more fish.

Thanks Rick Canales


Jules and Bill:    05/26/08

Just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks again for a great day fishing. I finally caught my first strip bass as well as my second and third. You did not exaggerate one bit when you said you were a fish magnate. As important to catching a  fish was all your help and instruction and sharing of information on how, when and where to catch fish. You were even helpful and constructive when I did not set the hook correctly two times in learning how to do it correctly. Hopefully, and I feel confident that I will, I can take my family and friends on trips to experience the thrill of fishing for stripe bass.

I also want to say, tongue in cheek, a word to anyone with a bout of insomnia, take a fishing trip!  I was out like a light by 8 and slept for 12 hours.  :)

It was a great day...thank you very, very much.

Jerry Burke


Good Morning Jules or should I say afternoon since you are probably already off the dock and into the fish right now for a few hours...

Thanks for the great picks of an awesome May day on the water. I have chartered all kinds of boats in all kinds of places and I must tell you that the first charter I had with you this week was among the best. To top it off it was right in my backyard.  I say the first charter because I'll be back. It was refreshing to see you and Bill share your technique and thoughts about fishing in the area. I learned a lot even though I grew up on Mass Bay and had a lobstering business there as well.

The pictures are fantastic. Usually big guys like me tend to make the fish look small in pictures, Not this time! Too bad you didn't have time to take a picture of the smoke coming off the reel as our biggest of the day slipped away after peeling off most of the line... I'll be back to fish with you and Bill in the hunt for that fish soon.

Please thank Bill again for his time and care last Friday. 

Best Regards,  Kevin Cooke


Dear Jules and Bill:    06/06/08
Wow!  One great day, so many stories to tell.
From Frank, Kevin, Nick and Chris, our sincere thanks for giving us a day to remember.
From the beginning, you both demonstrated such a command of your craft.  The friendly greeting at the slip with only a minimum of brow beating over being late....MUCH appreciated by Frank who prides himself on being early....ESPECIALLY for fishing....even more appreciated by Nick the kid who would rather sleep til noon and come out and do a "radio check" and ask for a "bait report". 
You concern and handling and care for our buddy Chris with his tough day will always be appreciated.  He is doing great now.
Putting us on the fish...priceless.
By the way, Kevin is doing fine now and has totally recovered from paying me another fish bet, and for voting to push Chris overboard.
Nick is a convert.  He wants big fish next time.  Way to go in pulling him into the club. 
We will see you again soon!
Be safe and get BIT!

 Jules and Bill -         06/10/08

Just saw the pictures up on your site.  Wanted to let you know we had a
great time!  Minus the little banana "fiasco," it was a great trip. The
fishing was great and the jabbing was even better.  Hope to do it again
this fall!

Sean "Banana Boy" Varano

Hi Jules        6/10/08

 Thanks for an awesome day yesterday.  I won 1st place yesterday.  It was such a fun day.  Please email the pictures when you have a moment!   J. Lucy Deasy

Bill and Juls,           6/27/08

This morning I again awoke at 3 AM waiting for you to check the Marine forecast .......only to find my feet hitting the floor in my own house in Snyderville
We can never thank you guys enough for the greatest fishing trip ever!
Striped bass one day,flounder the next day and the "grand finale" of the Bluefin Tuna! All I can say is....... WOW!!!
Juls ,you definately are the "fish magnet"
I will always remember that trip.and lest I forget;your father will always remind me that he is "undoubtabley the best Tuna fisherman in Snyderville.........LOL
Thanks so much,you two
Love ya,



Jules,                     7/11/08

            Thanks for a great trip.  The knowledge, tips and mojo  that you passed along will benefit my fishing going forward.  It was a bonus that we caught fish but the learning atmosphere was excellent.  Thanks again and please include me on your emails. 

Chuck McCrosson  

Bill and Jules,        7/27/08

            Thank you for another great trip this year. That makes 4 in a row that we have had with you. I especially had a good time because I finally listened to you and caught a couple of nice keepers. Now if everyone else would have done the same we could have had almost 20 landed for the day. I will definitely be coming back again next year and possibly again at the end of this year.

            Thanks again for another great fishing experience. 

Lorcan Carleton 
Jules,            08/11/08 
I simply wish to thank you and Bill for the extra effort you both put forth to the “fishing community” in Boston Harbor! As one of your many pupils, I have been blessed with delightful fishing moments, like this one today, thanks to your generous tutelage. Please take pleasure for your parts in the success shown in the attached photo.

Dennis Amtower

*** Sorry could not add the photo for Dennis, but it was a picture of Matt with a nice 24 lb striper.

 7/11/08  What a day!  Not only was I in the process of celebrating my 50th birthday but also was hosting my brother-in-law from Virginia (who fishes maybe once a year).  Jules had us up early on July 11th but we had a magnificent day on the water.  Not only did we catch fish ---- a nice mix of keeper bass and some blues..my biggest boat blue ever at 11.5 lbs…we learned a heckuva lot about fishing.  Jules is not just a qualified captain but a teacher and trainer.  She and her assistant not only explain things…they show you… and then make you do it.  This is a fishing experience that all should try…from the beginner to the guys that think they know it all.  Highly recommended.

Thanks, Corey W. Briggs

10/09/08     Bill & Jules, Just wanted to say once again thank you for a great day of fishing , floating , and re-fueling………LOL!!  I can’t wait to bring my boys out with you folks- truly an awesome experience!!! If you can find the time, please forward me the photos you took.  I look forward to our next trip-  Regards- ROB



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